Sunshine Daylighting System

Up to 100% electricity Savings

Saves electricity up to 100% during the daytime and 40% when operating the entire day

Captures up to 85% of sunlight

Saves on lighting costs, capturing 80 to 85% of sunlight

High R Value

Has a high R value (thermal resistance—used for a unit value of any particular material)

Description: Through-the-roof energy efficient daylighting system
Benefits: Save on lighting costs and bring natural light indoors
Uses: Warehouses, retail, manufacturing, schools, gymnasiums
Target Markets: Abundant sunshine, expensive electricity, green rebatesSignificant energy savings are achieved using SunShine daylighting units that reduce carbon emissions by 90%. They are ideal for the commercial and residential sector. Studies prove a positive impact of daylight in the interior on employee and student performance.

How the SunShine Daylighting system works

SunShine units are leading edge High Performance Skylights (HPS), also called deep-well skylights, and are designed to use sunlight to provide cool, defused light to illuminate building interiors.

• A technologically advanced skylight lens captures more light for use indoors from dusk until dawn and on cloudy days, regardless of the season.
• A highly-reflective light well directs the sunlight into the building and ensures against undesirable gain or loss of heat.
• A diffusion lens, unique to SunShine, disperses the light evenly throughout the building.
• An integrated control system using photo sensors adds artificial light (internal or existing external) only as needed to maintain the desired constant light level.

How sunshine units are installed

The skylights are well-sealed at the roof penetration. There are no limitations on the building structure, and SunShine units can be installed on any type of roof. On average, a 4 ft x 4 ft SunShine unit covers 800 to 1,200 square feet. Compared to other similar solutions, SunShine provides larger lighting coverage and does not weaken roof structure as there are fewer opening cuts required.
The SunShine Daylighting Systems uses reflective components that capture the light, makes it brighter and evenly distributes it to the interior.
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