Green Energy Saving

Energy savings is the goal of efforts to reduce the amount of energy required to provide products and services.

For example, insulating a home allows the structure to use less heating and cooling energy to achieve and maintain a comfortable temperature.
Installing fluorescent lights or natural skylights reduces the amount of energy required to attain the same level of illumination compared to using traditional incandescent light bulbs. Compact fluorescent lights use two-thirds less energy and may last six to ten times longer than incandescent lights. Improvements in energy efficiency are most often achieved by adopting a more efficient technology or production process.

There are various motivations to improve energy efficiency.

Reducing energy use reduces energy costs and may result in a financial cost saving to consumers. This is true as long as the energy savings offset any additional costs of implementing an energy efficient technology. Reducing energy use is also seen as a key solution to the problem of reducing emissions.
According to the International Energy Agency, improved energy efficiency in buildings, industrial processes and transportation could reduce the world’s energy needs in 2050 by one third, and help control global emissions of greenhouse gases.
Ameri Energy Group uses unique green technologies to provide high-quality products to its consumers, with the primary goal of saving energy. In comparison to existing solutions that just offer less electricity consuming products, the company provides a completely eco-friendly lighting system that saves up to 100% of electricity during the daylight, and approximately 40-60% if operations are during the entire day.

Ameri Energy Group offers its clients a full range of services to determine the best direction of efficient lighting system that includes- lighting electric use, Return on Investment, Layout diagrams for new lighting system, Rebate and Credits per market location.

What We Provide for Clients


Review of existing or planned building site, electric lighting use and lighting system


Determine Rebates and Credits available


Complete set of lighting engineering layout drawing of Sunshine Daylighting System


Provide full detailed Return of Investment (ROI) that includes- current costs, Investment and ROI; Year by Year Cash Flow and KWH chart of use and savings.