Daylighting is the “greenest” lighting technology that transmits visible light through opaque walls and rooftops to a focused area of the interior. Daylighting technologies vary from simple skylights to light tubes, both providing the ability to keep electricity consumption and costs to a minimum.

Ameri Energy Group introduces innovative daylighting technology that dramatically improves the lighting in commercial and residential buildings and keeps energy consumption at the lowest level. With the reduction of electricity consumption, the system provides the opportunity to lower CO2 emissions and energy waste, and as a result saves money on electricity and maintenance, along with tax benefits. It is important to emphasize the financial benefits of the technology with an average payback time from three to five years of use depending on the electricity cost in a specific region and building structure.

SunShine integrated skylights were designed for daylighting in flat-roofed, high-bay buildings such as warehouses, factories, and “big-box” retail stores. The SunShine unit combines a skylight, a sunlight diffuser box, and an electric lighting system. The technology has two modifications – with and without LED. The system uses clear and diffuse materials to capture and evenly distribute sunlight. This feature differs from traditional skylights, which generally use one or the other. Traditional clear skylights allow direct shafts of sunlight to penetrate, producing a non-uniform light distribution and glare. SunShine Daylighting System uses reflective components that capture the light, makes it brighter and evenly distributes it to the interior.